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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Excite Bike: World Rally

To many of us, Excitebike is an NES classic. This classic has been given a face lift and released and WiiWare and released for 1000 wii points. If you are unsure rather or not you wish to purchase this title, I can only say that if you don't know or care for the original, you will probably not think much of World Rally. However, if you are nostalgic at all for the original, then it is definitely worth the $10.

The controls are laid out exactly like the original. Up and down changes lanes, 1 is gas instead of A, and 2 is boost instead of B. Pressing left causes a wheelie (this may also be assigned to a tilt motion), and left and right change your angle when airborne.

The graphics are nothing spectacular, but it is 3D, and very colorful. It is the perfect example of howto give an NES game a makeover, in my opinion.



Your goal in the single player mode is not to come in first, but just as in the original, get the time indicated. In the multiplayer, however your goal is indeed to beat the other racers. Speaking of multiplayer, the majority of bike colors must be unlocked by competing over Nintendo Wifi. The problem with this is the fact that many players will throw a hiss fit 10 seconds from the finish line and disconnect, a la Mario Kart.

One of the coolest things about the NES Excitebike was the ability to create your own tracks. This feature has returned, and this time you can share your creations over Nintendo Wifi!

The music mostly consists of redone versions of the original Excitebike tunes. The track music is new, however, since the original had none. Sound effects such as engine revving, and the overheat warning are ripped directly from Excitetruck.

Excitebike: World Rally is essentially download nostalgia. I suggest those of you who care not for retro gaming simply ignore this one. However, if you played the original as a child, or wish to introduce retro gaming to a child/brother/etc that thinks the NES is a dinosaur, give it a shot.

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